Rapper Nas has signed up for a payment plan in an effort to help him cover the cost of his ex-wife Kelis' mortgage, after falling behind on his spousal support.
The I Can hitmaker, real name Nasir Jones, owes Kelis almost $300,000 (£200,000), with $52,989.22 (£35,326.15) of the debt stemming from the mortgage of her home, referred to only as Kenilworth.
He has now agreed to settle the arrears in monthly installments of $14,229.61 (£9,486.41) - almost double the amount he was previously ordered to pay - until the mortgage is up to date.
Nas' lawyer filed documents outlining the plan in a Los Angeles County court on Wednesday (23Jun10). The papers, obtained by TMZ.com, also reveal the hip-hop star's plans to sell the property.
The former supercouple's divorce was finalised in May (10), a year after Nas and Kelis split.
The stars are parents to baby son Knight.