Napoleon Dynamite star Efren Ramirez has been forced to cut back on his love of DJing because he always gets swarmed by fans of the cult film at nightclubs. The Latino actor, who played PEDRO in the hit movie, was a touring club DJ before his acting career took off - and now fame has prompted him to be more selective about his engagements. He explains, "I formed a rave company called Nocturnal Rampage and we would throw raves or electronic music festivals. "After the blow-up of Napoleon Dynamite, I started doing this whole DJ tour but I never liked being the centre of attention because it was never about the music. "People would start chanting, 'Pedro, Pedro...' when I got up onstage or in the DJ booth. I'd finish the set and then I'd be signing lunch pails, hats, T-shirts and thongs that said, 'Vote For Pedro.'"