Naomie Harris thinks it is ''above the call of duty'' for her to strip off on screen.

The actress' character, MI6 agent Eve Moneypenny, has sex with super spy James Bond (Daniel Craig) in new 007 film 'Skyfall', but Naomie has ruled out ever taking her clothes off for a role.

She said: ''I don't like sex scenes in films, especially if you know from the film's story that someone is part of a couple.

''I don't want to see sex on screen, as you know they are together. It is also above the call of duty for me, as an actress, to take my clothes off. It should not be my job.''

Naomie, 36, had a body double for her intimate scenes in 'Sex & DRUGS & Rock & Roll', but the film's title couldn't be further from her real life.

She added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: ''I was 32 on that film, playing a 19-year-old, but I always think of myself as being much younger than I am. I don't think I have become jaded at any point.

''I have never lived a sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle. I don't even smoke. I have been offered drugs but have never taken them. Alcohol? I just never liked the taste. My mum is like that too.

So I have never drunk a whole glass of wine, just tasted it.''