Naomie Harris made her director cry on set.

The 40-year-old actress, who is best known as Eve Moneypenny in the James Bond movies, reduced Barry Jenkins to tears during the making of their independent film 'Moonlight'.

The director recalled: ''Naomie doesn't drink smoke; and doesn't drink - and so she couldn't light the cigarette.

''She genuinely had trouble with the damn cigarette, so I quietly told [co-star] Trevante to reach over and take the cigarette, light it, and give it back to her.''

The moment prompted an apologetic reaction from Naomie.

Barry told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''She said: 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.'

''On set, that moment made everyone weep. I was probably crying the most.''

Naomie plays an emotionally abusive mother in the critically-acclaimed drama movie, but previously admitted to having reservations about playing a crack addict in 'Moonlight'.

Naomie explained: ''I had real reservations about playing a crack addict because I've always fought against playing any kind of stereotypical roles.

''I'm very careful about the reputation of women, and as a black woman in particular I want to represent progressive roles for women and black people in general.

''Then I spoke to Barry and he said, 'I don't want you to play a stereotype. What I'm asking you to play is basically my mum.' Because this is his story and the story of the writer Tarell [McCraney], and what happened to their mothers - it's a very similar journey - deeply connected with me.''

She said, too, that she adopted an unusual approach to playing the role of Paula.

Naomie: ''I would sit in the hotel room imagining I was being interviewed by someone. So I imagined the person was asking me, 'What was your dad like? What was your mum like? Where did you grow up?' and all these questions.

''Then I created a whole narrative around that and that helped me define the character's voice.''