Naomie Harris' 'Skyfall' character sees herself as "a female Bond".

The British actress plays mysterious Eve in the forthcoming James Bond movie and though details about the film are being kept under wraps, she says her Alter Ego is a match for the iconic spy.

She said: "My character would like to see herself as a female bond but I don't think anyone's really a match for Bond."

Naomie refused to give much away about her character but she has been heavily involved in action training and using guns.

She added: "I kickbox and do a lot with guns. I started off terrified by the sound of a gun let alone having any idea how to hold one but now I really enjoy it.

"I started off yoga and running and I've also been doing stunt training and gyrotonics three times a week."

'Skyfall' - which sees Daniel Craig play James Bond for the third time - is released in cinemas in October.