Actress Naomi Watts met with Fay Wray just months before she died and asked for permission to take on the King Kong character she made famous in the 1930s.

Watts recently signed up to star alongside Adrien Brody in a remake of the classic movie. And she was eager to meet with Wray, who died this month (AUG04) at the age of 96, so she could get the veteran actress' blessing on taking on the role of ANN DARROW.

She says, "I met Fray Wray. Sadly (she passed away), but I was lucky enough to get a little moment with her. She was wonderful.

"She chatted a little bit and she would go on and on. Basically, I asked her for permission; would she turn over her role of Ann Darrow. She was very gracious."

15/08/2004 10:34