Antipodean screen star Naomi Watts is forever haunted by her late father's manic laughter, as it is featured on Pink Floyd's classic 1973 album DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

The 21 GRAMS actress' father PETER WATTS, who was the rock band's road manager and sound engineer, died of a suspected heroin overdose in 1976.

But whenever she listens to his now famous laugh on the classic record, Watts feels deeply connected to the father she tragically lost.

She says, "It gets to me. Whatever I'm feeling at the time, I think, tends to connect with me.

"There have been times when it's just been incredibly mysterious... like, who is this person? And I wonder if we would have got on. What would he think of me and what would I think of him and are we the same?"

23/06/2005 02:45