Hollywood beauty Naomi Watts credits movie MULHOLLAND DR with saving her life - because she regularly contemplated suicide until she got her big break in the film.

The 36-year-old beauty considered ending her own life while driving through Los Angeles' real Mulholland Drive, because her dreams of a movie career had been shattered, she was suffering extreme poverty and was about to be evicted from her apartment.

But when director David Lynch offered her the lead part in the thriller, she accepted the role and vowed to leave her depression behind her.

She says, "I still have a hard time believing that it's all come together for me. I remember spending a lot of time in my car weeping.

"I actually remember driving along Mulholland Drive thinking, 'I'll just take a right turn here. Maybe I'll just go over the cliff, because I can't take it any more.'

"But I never had the guts to actually quit. My friend NICOLE (KIDMAN) would tell me, 'All it takes is one film.' And that film turned out to be Mulholland Dr. It was a life saver because I was about to be evicted from my LA apartment."

01/04/2005 14:00