Naomi Watts is eternally grateful to the surprise box office success of horror re-make The Ring, because her newfound star status means she can bypass the cut-throat Hollywood auditioning process.

Since the American adaptation of Japanese director Hideo Nakata's seminal work grossed a staggering $230 million (GBP121 million) worldwide, Watts has never looked back.

She has gone on to star in 21 GRAMS, I Heart Huckabees, THE RING 2 and has just wrapped up filming the King Kong re-make with OSCAR-winning director PETER JACKSON - and she didn't have to audition.

The Australian actress tells British magazine HOTDOG, "Auditions are so humiliating and degrading. You get a five minute time slot for a part you've spent six hours or more studying for and you get into these rooms full of people who barely make eye contact.

"Fortunately, I haven't had to do one since The Ring."

24/03/2005 03:05