Naomi Watts found playing an adulterous wife in her latest movie a challenge because her character's decisions were so alien to her own.

The OSCAR-nominated actress, 36, who has never been married, found her role of adulterous EDITH in WE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE, who cheats on her husband with actor Mark Ruffalo's character, "far removed" from her experiences.

Watts says, "It's so far removed from me. I would just be shaking my husband saying, 'Face it. Deal with me. Listen to me.'

"But this is not who Edith is - she's depressed, she's disempowered."

Co-star Laura Dern, who plays Ruffalo's wife, is surprised at how funny the movie has turned out.

She comments, "Every day, on set, I listened to Naomi feel so tortured about certain choices her character makes in this movie.

"Mark was the same, his face would show despair at having to play this part.

"I also felt I was playing a disgusting woman."

28/10/2004 09:19