Australian actress Naomi Watts always refused to rely on her famous friends to give her a step-up in Hollywood - as she insists actors should make it on their own.

The 36-year-old blonde, who only found fame in 2001 when David Lynch cast her in MULHOLLAND DR, has always been close pals with screen superstar NICOLE KIDMAN, but Watts is convinced that even though the Moulin Rouge! actress may have introduced her to the right people, success ultimately comes with talent.

She says, "Ultimately you've got to drive it yourself.

"I mean, now I'm lucky enough to be in this great position and some of my friends are struggling, you know, and sure I can introduce them to people and I have done that - as Nicole has done or did for me - but you can't just call someone and say, 'You need to hire this person.'

"Ultimately they have to get it on their own merit."

16/06/2005 17:52