Naomi Watts' husband is jokingly threatening to withhold their children's Christmas presents if they don't stop fighting.

Liev Schreiber revealed sons Sasha, five and four-year-old Samuel are fighting with each other at the moment and the only way he can think to stop them is to deny them any festive gifts.

He told OK! magazine: ''They're kind of at war right now so there hasn't been any precious moments. Once Christmas is gone and the presents are out of the way, maybe they'll return to normalcy again.''

When asked how he plans to stop the ''war'', Liev joked: ''Less presents''.

Because of their nomadic lifestyle, Liev and Naomi don't have any special holiday traditions.

He explained: ''We're both actors so tradition is not big with either of us. We're going to stay home and have dinner. Maybe see our grandmas.''

The 45-year-old actor also revealed he and his family are close to Hugh Jackman, his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and their kids and they all often spend time together in New York where they live.

He said: ''Hugh and I play tennis together and talk about movies. We have a lot in common. The kids and his wife Deb and Naomi are friends too.''