Naomi Watts can relate to her two sons because she never had a sister.

The 41-year-old actress - who has sons Sasha, two, and Samuel, 16 months with partner Liev Schreiber - thinks she has formed a strong bond with them because of her relationship with her brother.

She said: "I grew up a tomboy. I had a Big Brother, so I never had dolls or girly things. Despite the fact they're the opposite sex, I feel that I can relate.

"The only thing I miss about not having girls is the pretty dresses, but I can do that with my niece."

However, having two young boys does bring problems, and Naomi admits they have limited her social life because going out as a family can be "difficult".

She told America's OK! magazine: "Yesterday it was raining, so there wasn't a lot to do - Play-doh. We went out to breakfast, which is always difficult, doing restaurants, because they're both at an age where they're throwing forks. We never really get to eat."

Naomi recently revealed she would like to have another child, but only if she could guarantee it would be a girl.

She said: "If I could guarantee myself a girl, I'd say yes to having more children. But I'd be sure to have another boy."