Naomi Watts thinks the movie industry is in a ''sad state''.

The 48-year-old actress - who can currently be seen in Netflix series 'Gypsy' - believes television has become a far more adventurous medium than film, because Hollywood is now too reliant on franchises, superheroes and ''comedy blockbusters''.

She told The Times newspaper: ''I definitely noticed that a lot of great writing was taking place in the TV format now, probably because of the sad state of the film industry and how all the films getting made are mostly in the franchise world, or superheroes or big comedy blockbuster-type movies, and I really tend to enjoy working in the drama genre.

''Since the film industry was bottoming out, all the writers moved over to TV and we have to follow those stories, those writers.

''Films were making less and less money and were harder and harder to get made, so most of the money that was being spent was on films that are not really my passion, so the female-driven drama writers moved to TV, and that is where a lot of us have ended up going, to get the storytelling.''

Naomi plays psychotherapist Jean Holloway in psychological thriller 'Gypsy' which was partially directed by 'Fifty Shades of Grey' filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Four of the five directors working on 'Gypsy' were all women and Naomi said she loves Sam, who brought the series to her attention.

She said: ''I loved Sam and it was really Sam that brought me here because I knew her, not super well but somewhat well, and she brought it to my attention.

''Had it just come through my agents and managers I might not have read it so quickly or even got round to it, I don't know.''