Naomi Watts is ''mentored'' by David Lunch.

The 48-year-old actress shot to fame in the filmmaker's cult classic 'Mulholland Drive', and has now reunited with him on the revival series of 'Twin Peaks', and she remains ''incredibly proud'' of the work they did on her 2001 breakout film.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Watts said: ''I'm very proud of that film. It changed my life in so many ways, not just because of my career.

''David Lynch is one of my mentors. He's a great, great friend. And I'm really proud to be in a film that's still being discussed and acknowledged, and it doesn't surprise me.

''People do talk about this film to this day, endlessly, wherever I go.''

Naomi finds it ''very impressive'' to see how some young stars handle their fame, but she is thankful she only achieved success at a later age because it stopped her making the wrong choices as she wasn't tempted by the trappings of celebrity.

Asked if she felt any temptations from the ''seductive'' side of fame, she said: ''No, because I came to fame late.

''There are many young people out there that handle it very well, that becomes famous at a young age.

''I've worked with some of them lately and it's very impressive. But success came to me later in life.

''Maybe I would have made wrong choices and ended up in movies I didn't necessarily love.''

And when it comes to choosing her work, the 'Gypsy' star need to ''connect'' with the project in some way in order to give it her all.

She added: ''I feel if I don't love the material, if I'm not connected to it in a certain way, then I'm not going to give my best.''