The actress' young sons were desperate to see one of mum's films and she thought King Kong would be the most family-friendly film for them to see, so she screened the trailer for them to give them a taste of the film - and immediately realised she'd made a bad decision.

Watts tells U.S. chat show host Conan O'Brien, "Your kids do not wanna see you in danger and I did make a mistake and at one point, because they were asking so much about it - 'Mommy and the monkey...' - I thought, 'I'll try the trailer'.

"It was (the part) when I was being sacrificed to King Kong, and that image came up of me screaming and being tied to some kind of stake, and I could see that it was traumatic for them.

"I switched it off right away and I thought, 'Not for another five years, at least'."