Actress Naomi Watts has put a hold on celebrations for her Golden Globe Awards nomination so they don't wreck her son's birthday.

Watts received a mention for Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture (Drama) for her turn in disaster epic The Impossible early on Thursday morning (13Dec12) and admits she let out a big scream when she heard the news.

But Watts is putting her excitement on the back burner for now, so as not to steal the spotlight from her little boy with husband Liev Schreiber, Samuel Kai, who turned four on Thursday.

She tells USA Today, "It's my son's birthday today. He's upset that I made that sound. I had to explain what it was. Mommy got good news. And he said, 'It's my birthday...' We're having cake after school. It's all about Kai today. I won't get to celebrate until this weekend."

And while the actress insists she's honoured to be mentioned, she is not banking on claiming the prize in January (13).

She tells, "It's always nice that your peers will recognise you but it makes me go all sweaty and clammy and get nervous. With Muholland Drive, everyone was so sure (I would win big at the Oscars) and... it didn't happen and you feel lost."