Photos of Naomi Watts and her chameleon-like transformation into the role of the late Princess of Wales Diana have emerged online, with Watts continuing to amaze will her lycanthrope-like transformation.
She was spotted on set with Lost star Naveen Andrews, who plays love interest and heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan, who also looks like a completely different person.
Aussie actress Watts and Andrews were filming scenes at Beachy Head in East Sussex, with the film, Diana, said to be concentrating on the last two years of the deceased Diana's life.
As the photos show, the movie's executives were clearly cautious of their star's safety, attaching safety harnesses around them as they shot near the edge of the cliff. However, the acting pair looked clearly unconcerned with the though of any potential risk, as photos show them laughing and talking with each other when the cameras weren't rolling.
The biopic was originally going to be titled Caught In Flight before executive for the film decided to change to Diana. German director Oliver Hirschbiegel, who directed the film Downfall, will star behind the camera.
Little is known about what the film will centre around or when it will be released, with only the knowledge that it will concentrate on the last two years of Diana's life existing. According to movie site IMDB, the film will be told from the perspective of her lifelong bodyguard, Ken Wharfe.