Naomi Watts wants a daughter.

The 'Mulholland Drive' actress - who has two sons, Sasha, two, and 15-month-old Samuel, with long-term partner Liev Schreiber - is considering extending her family further but is worried she will have another boy.

She said: "If I could guarantee myself a girl, I'd say yes to having more children. but I'd be sure to have another boy."

The 41-year-old actress also admitted she constantly questions her choices when she is trying to juggle her family life with her career, but knows in her heart she is doing her best.

She added to She magazine: "I see myself as any other working woman. Every day I'm struggling to get it right, do the best I can, make the right choices for work, be a good mother and have time for my relationship with Liev. I'm never sure whether I'm doing any of it right, but I've finally got to the age where at least I know that I'm just doing my best."