Actress Naomi Watts had a breastmilk runner on the set of THE INTERNATIONAL, so her hungry baby was always fed. The Mulholland Drive star didn't want the milk she was expressing to go to waste, so she pumped it into containers and had it whisked back to her hotel room - for the waiting Alexander, now 19 months.
She explains, "It was a struggle and you don't have the foresight particularly the first time around as to how difficult it would be until you're there.
"I was still nursing my baby at that point and we were shooting at night in the freezing cold and I wasn't going to have him in the trailer and on the set, so I would be expressing milk and sending it back to the hotel and then having to feed him all day the next day, when I should have been sleeping, so it was definitely a challenge."
Watts and partner Liev Schreiber are also parents to two-month-old Samuel.