Country star Naomi Judd is hoping a Friday night (31MAR06) performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC will prompt her daughter WYNONNA to reform singing act The Judds. The mother-and-daughter duo became one of country music's biggest acts in the 1980s and 1990s, but now rarely perform together since Wynonna went solo. After addressing many issues publicly in America's tabloids and on candid TV shows, Naomi now hopes the pair can team up again and she thinks the kick-off to a three-week salute to country music at US cultural mecca the Kennedy Center will provide the spark. She says, "I don't sing anymore because she (Wynonna) hasn't asked me. "I've never sung solo and that's really because the whole emphasis of my life is about harmony, and I mean that metaphorically and literally because I think my gig in life is to bolster or enhance other people's best efforts. "But sometimes I miss it (singing) in my bones. It's like this deep ache." Talk show host Naomi faces a week of collaborations with her daughter - she'll be a judge on TV talent show NASHVILLE STAR, which Wynonna co-hosts.