Veteran country star Naomi Judd has confessed to suffering her own abuse hell as a child, shortly after her actress daughter ashley revealed all about her own trauma in her new memoir.
Double Jeopardy star Ashley Judd hit headlines this month (Apr11) by detailing sensational claims of sexual assault in her candid autobiography, All That is Bitter & Sweet. In the book, Judd alleges she was abused by an older man living near her family home and later taken advantage of by a relative's husband.
The actress' decision to open up about her troubled childhood has now prompted her mum to come clean about her own past, admitting she suffered at the hands of an older male relative from the age of three.
Speaking on U.S. TV show The View, Naomi said, "I rebuffed him, and it happened twice more. I knocked him away. I never said anything to anybody."
The now-65 year old faced up to her troubles in 2009 when she revealed all to her therapist: "I told him, well, being sexually abused was my first memory, and he about fell off his seat."
The mother and daughter aren't the only members of the Judd family to become victims of abuse - Ashley's sister Wynonna has previously told of her ordeal in her 2005 memoir Coming Home to Myself.
But Wynonna Judd, who performs alongside her mum, has yet to muster the courage to face the man who attacked her, confessing, "I'm a work in progress."
However, the singer insists she's glad her family has finally spoken out about its past issues.
She added, "The veil has been lifted. There are no more secrets. We can now live in truth."