Supermodel Naomi Campbell has created a celebrity garden on her Oracabessa, Jamaica, estate - by asking famous friends to plant a tree there.

Stars like Cindy Crawford and late actor River Phoenix have shrubs in their honour after visiting the sunny island, but Naomi's particularly proud of one tree, which bears Pierce Brosnan's name.

She explains, "We are on the IAN FLEMING property in what is called the James Bond town of Jamaica, where Fleming wrote every James Bond book.

"It's kind of ironic - James Bond landing on James Bond property."

Campbell is thrilled with her garden, which also features a cocoa tree she planted in 1996.

She adds, "You're supposed to talk to you plants and give them attention so they grow. I have to say that I've been very neglecting of my plant. I'm quite surprised at how big it has gotten."

Naomi's garden was her father's idea - he asked visitors to plant a tree in the hope they would return years later to see how it had grown.

06/11/2003 09:49