The shoes which Naomi Campbell famously fell over in have been put on display.

The supermodel was wearing the Super Elevated Gillie heels by Dame Vivienne Westwood when she spectacularly tumbled to the ground as she took part in a Paris catwalk show in 1993.

Now the nine-inch high mock-crocodile skin shoes are part of an exhibition at the Bowes Museum, County Durham, England, which shows off shoes from Vivienne's range since 1973.

Ahead of the exhibition, Vivienne said: "Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women's beauty on a pedestal."

Joanna Hashagen, keeper of textiles at the Bowes Museum, said all the pieces of footwear, including the infamous 'Super Elevated Gillie' shoes, were "works of art in themselves".

She said: "We all know about how fantastic her clothes are, but this is the first time anyone has really focused on her shoe collection.

"They are just staggering - and they are made from everything, anything you could think of.

"When you see them, you see they are sculptures, they are works of art in themselves."

Visitors have until 10 July to catch the exhibition before it moves to Japan, New York and China.