Naomi Campbell can't eat a meal without Jamaican hot sauce.

The British supermodel stunned onlookers at a restaurant on the Italian island of Capri when she refused to eat her dinner until she was passed her condiments.

A source at the restaurant, where she was dining with boyfriend Vladimir Doronin and actor Leonardo Dicaprio, said: "She couldn't indulge in food until her boyfriend's bodyguard brought over her own salt and pepper shakers."

However, her spokesperson confirmed: "It wasn't salt and pepper, it's her Jamaican hot sauce.

Naomi is not the only star to amaze diners with her fussy eating habits.

Earlier this year, Bono insisted on specially-prepared food when dining out at New York eatery Butter.

A source said: "He demanded that his salad be chopped. And he made sure it was when it arrived."

The 'One' singer - who was eating with his bandmate The Edge - sent staff into a panic when he asked for a specific type of bottled water not stocked by the eatery.

The source - who was seated at the next table to the rockers - added: "He wanted Perrier, which they didn't have, so a waiter actually ran across the street to a store and bought him a bottle."

Lady GaGa insists on taking her own cup and saucer everywhere with her and refuses to drink from anything else.

Last year, the 'Poker Face' singer was furious when she accidentally left it at the Metropolitan Hotel's restaurant in London and sent a taxi on a £35 round trip from her suite at Blakes Hotel to collect the blue flowered china cup.