Volatile supermodel Naomi Campbell reportedly terrified a fashion assistant last week (begs20OCT03) by hurling a pair of hair tongs at the innocent aide.

Naomi was in Istanbul posing for SUNSET MAYO's swimwear catalogue, but felt the entire shoot had been a disaster and finally lost her temper when a mink belt went missing.

A source explains, "She was in a bad mood from the minute she landed in Turkey. She felt like she'd been set up and it all came to a head on Wednesday when she slung the tongs after a misunderstanding over her belt."

Sunset Mayo boss KENAN GUERES is infuriated with the temperamental model, who he feels has not fulfilled her $64,000 (GBP40,000) contract - and is now demanding $200,000 (GBP125,000) compensation.

Gueres fumes, "We thought she was a professional but we seem to have made a mistake."

Naomi apparently refused to get off her plane for four hours after it landed in Istanbul on Tuesday (21OCT03) - and threatened to fly straight back to Britain claiming her passport was missing.

However, a pal of the model says, "She did a shoot earlier in the year and loves Istanbul. But this time she was completely persecuted. She went to do a job but when she tried to get off her jet, she was mobbed by about 70 people, she couldn't even get out.

"After four hours the pilot managed to help her off but it was just as bad - it's not like HEATHROW where you can't get on the runway without proper clearance."

Things did not improve once shooting began, and the troubled star stormed off the set after posing fir just two pictures.

Her friend adds, "Basically, she fled the shoot because she was unhappy with their conduct. And she was literally fearing for her life. She was being followed everywhere by photographers who were bashing into her car. It was just like a Princess Di car chase.

"In the rush to escape on the plane she misplaced her belt. That's when things finally came to a head and later there was an incident involving a belt and some tongs."

26/10/2003 11:04