Naomi Campbell has vowed never to ''shut up'' until there is more diversity in the fashion industry.

The 46-year-old supermodel - who was scouted at the age of 15 years old and has boasted a successful career at the helm of the modelling business spanning over three decades - is desperate to fight for more equality in fashion because she found the lack of multiculturalism in the recent haute couture shows ''a little bit disappointing''.

Speaking openly in an interview with Town and Country editor, Stellene Volandes, at an event in New york on Tuesday (07.02.17), the brunette beauty said: ''I do feel that Iman and I will not shut up until it gets to the point where it's equal, balanced. I mean, I just saw a little bit of couture. I did look online at the couture shows and it was a little bit disappointing.''

The catwalk icon keeps a thorough check on what models are casted by counting them.

She explained: ''This week we're starting off in New York. We do a count [of diverse models].''

And Naomi is ''optimistic'' the industry will change and is forever hoping things won't go ''backwards''.

She continued: ''We really hope it's not going to go backwards -- I always try to be optimistic -- but if it does, then they will hear us again.''

Meanwhile, Naomi - who has starred in campaigns for luxury designer brands including Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, and Yves Saint Laurent and graced the runway for a variety of labels - ''feels nervous'' on the catwalk, because she is ''46 and these [other models] are 21 or 18''.

Speaking previously about her apprehension, she said: ''I feel nervous when I walk out. I just try to make it down in one piece and make it back in one piece. I enjoy it, but I'm nervous. Especially now. I mean, I'm 46, and these girls are 21 or 18 ... I don't know if it's about the age thing, necessarily, but for me there's always a vulnerability there.''