Naomi Campbell was racially abused aged five.

The 47-year-old supermodel can vividly recall the first time she was ever made to feel different because of the colour of her skin when another child used the 'N-word' to insult her.

In a video interview with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for British Vogue, the catwalk icon recalled: ''I remember when I was five a little boy with red hair called me the 'N-word'.''

Even at that young an age Naomi knew the word was ''wrong'' and she wasn't willing to simply ''accept'' the insult and she defended herself.

She said: ''And at five I know this was wrong, I am not going to accept this and I fought back. It's not acceptable. It's not acceptable anywhere in the world.''

Focusing on her past, Naomi can also remember living through the IRA (Irish Republican Army) terrorist threats that blighted London throughout the 1970s and 1980s as the group tried to force the UK government's hand in making Ireland a united independent republic.

She said: ''Did you ever have to take the buses or trains when there was the IRA threat? It was like every week and it became like you just get off the train and wait on the platform.''