Naomi Campbell is plotting a reunion of the original supermodels.

The 43-year-old catwalk queen is enlisting her 1990s pals like Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer for a top secret new project, which will bring the glamorous models back into the forefront of fashion.

Naomi teased: ''We're working with each other in a few weeks as it happens.''

However, when pressed for more details, the starlet played coy, saying: ''I can't tell you. In a very nice, sunny, warm place on water.''

Naomi reminisced about the heyday of the supermodel in the 90s in a nostalgic interview with CBS' 'This Morning', and admitted she doesn't see that era of modelling talent - which spawned several big names - being replicated again.

She explained: ''I came up with a group of great ladies and I don't think you'll ever get that group of ladies together again. You'll get one here, one there, one there, but on a whole, you'll never get it again.''

While Naomi is still in demand on the catwalk, she prefers to work as a mentor to younger models these days through her reality competition, 'The Face'.

The series has enjoyed success in the US and UK, and the supermodel will also star in an Australian version later this year.