Supermodel Naomi Campbell is to reportedly clean floors as part of her community service for assaulting her housekeeper with a mobile phone.

The British born beauty pleaded guilty in the US in January this year to the assault charge.

Her maid, Ana Scolavino, claimed that she had suffered a cut to the head in the incident which occurred after a row over a pair of jeans.

Campbell was sentenced at a New York court to five days community service, fined £185 and ordered to attend Anger Management classes.

Lawyers for the model told the judge that she was keen to avoid the humiliating experience of Boy George, who was ordered to clean streets in New York as part of his punishment for reporting a false burglary in 2005.

A judge is expected to announce details of her community service later this week, but reports have claimed that she will have to work as a cleaner in a New York office.

Her tasks could include sweeping and mopping floors.

Campbell's spokesperson said: "She is ready to complete this, no matter where or what she is assigned."

The 36-year-old has apologised for the assault and said she will undergo therapy for her temper.

07/03/2007 09:49:57