Naomi Campbell thinks ''sugar is a drug''.

The supermodel doesn't like to eat anything that's unhealthy but admits to giving into her cravings for something sweet every now and again, although scoffing sweet treats doesn't agree with her.

Naomi said: ''I don't drink alcohol, but once in a while I'll have dessert. It depends. The other day I had cotton candy, but I hadn't had so much sugar in my body for such a long time, I couldn't sleep. It really is true when they say sugar is a drug.''

The 43-year-old catwalk queen - who is a mentor on model search reality show 'The Face' - also admitted to skipping the occasional meal when her hectic schedule prevents her from getting home for dinner because she doesn't like to eat late at night.

Speaking to US Harper's Bazaar, she revealed: ''I don't really like eating past eight if I can help it. So I prefer to have a big lunch and skip dinner. But if I go out to dinner with friends, of course I'm going to eat, but lightly.''

Naomi spends a lot of time on juice diets and confessed that she finds it difficult to find things to eat now that she's decided to go meat-free.

She said: ''I just became a vegetarian, and I find it a little hard to figure out what to eat ... I don't know how long it's going to last, but I feel lighter and just easier. I do juice cleanses two or three times per week.''