Naomi Campbell is releasing three books this year.

The British supermodel has a busy 12 months ahead because, as well as her philanthropic projects in Africa, campaign for racial equality in fashion and filming 'The Face' in the UK, US and Australia, she will also bring out a set of tomes.

Two of the image-based books are collaborations with Taschen.

Speaking about the books, she explained: ''One is a picture book and the other one is where I have written on little pictures of Christy [Turlington], Kate [Moss] and I.''

The third book will be an anthology of nude images ''from, like, 15 years ago'' taken by Paolo Riversi, despite the 43-year-old beauty previously insisting they wouldn't be published.

To cap off her busy year, Naomi also revealed she is planning to release her own fashion range after previously being hesitant at the thought.

Speaking at the Vogue Festival in London, she said:''I used to think that if I started my own line then designers wouldn't want me to work for them any more, but now I feel different, and I will be doing that. Hopefully the first item will be out in 2015.''