Naomi Campbell first wanted to be a model after she dressed up as Boy George.

The supermodel revealed her first taste of extravagant fashion came after her obsession with 1980s British band Culture Club encouraged her to recreate the look of quirky frontman George - leading her to realise she had real potential to go far.

She explained to Elle magazine: ''I think when I thought that I didn't look too bad, is when I was a huge Culture Club fan and I used to get hats and stick them on with sellotape - and all the braids - so that I'd look like Boy George. And that's when I thought I was OK.''

The 42-year-old beauty is set to star in new model-search reality TV show 'The Face' and Naomi's co-judge, Canadian model Coco Rocha, confessed that she didn't see herself as attractive until she left behind her ''dorky'' high-school years and she still finds the male attention as ''fascinating''.

She said: ''One thing is kind of fascinating about models. Most of us were the dorky, nerdy kid in school - probably not everyone, but a huge percentage of us. No one liked you.

''Boys didn't want to date you. I was an Irish-dancing nerd. Sometimes you still go, 'Wow, really? That's so fascinating', because here I am that girl, still that girl inside that feels like I'm still that dancing nerd.''