Supermodel Naomi Campbell has revealed she called Victoria Beckham personally to question her about model choices for her London Fashion Week catwalk show.

The British beauty launched a campaign to highlight race issues on the runway last month (Sep13). She admits the former Spice Girls star became one of her top targets, and featured on a letter she sent to officials at the fashion world's governing body, after only one non-white model was selected for her most recent British show.

Now spearheading the anti-racism Diversity Coalition with David Bowie’s wife Iman, Campbell reveals she personally demanded answers from Beckham.

She tells British tabloid The Mirror, ''I called Victoria and I spoke to her. I don’t want to pin-point anyone. It isn’t a blame game. Everyone’s name was on that letter because they’d done it. It could have been completely unintentional. She is one of the designers on there like anyone else.”

The open letter named Beckham, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs among the “fashion houses guilty of this racist act”.

Beckham was upset to be named among the list, but defiant Campbell insists she didn't fear naming names: "There is no way to candycoat this sort of thing. You have to be straight. We had the percentages and we were armed with the facts and you can’t be nervous about upsetting people.

"I speak the truth. People might not like it but I am doing it.”