British supermodel Naomi Campbell has begun her stint as a cleaner as part of her sentence for assaulting her maid.

The feisty celebrity was deemed to have struck her maid with a mobile phone and was told to spend five days doing community service, cleaning with New York's sanitation department.

Under the terms of the punishment, Naomi must sweep, mop and clean toilets and has been told she must wear sensible shoes.

Arriving for work this morning to begin her shift, the Streatham-born model was on time and chatted to officers.

Unlike Boy George, who also had to perform community work after wasting police time, Naomi did not have to do so before the glare of the media, instead carrying out her chores behind closed doors.

If, however, the 36-year-old decides the job is not for her and attempts to leave without completing her course she will be slapped with a jail term.

Discovered in Covent Garden when she was just 15, Naomi is one of the UK's most famous models, although she has hit the headlines in recent years as much for her temper as her looks.

At least two of the model's former assistants have accused her of acting violently, with the last run-in with an employee, Ana Scolavino, deemed to be reckless assault.

Naomi was told to pay medical bills to Ms Scolavino after the assault and also ordered to do the community service which began today.

19/03/2007 15:48:45