Fiery British supermodel Naomi Campbell knows where to turn when her love life gets complicated - former SOUTH AFRICAN president Nelson Mandela.

Campbell became pals with her unlikely agony uncle when she was introduced to him by former lover Robert De Niro in 1991, and the two have remained firm pals ever since - with the civil rights icon often offering the model advice on her tangled private life.

She says, "He always wants to know how I'm doing. My personal life, my love life, my problems, I just tell him."

Campbell also credits Mandela with giving her life more meaning by encouraging her to get involved with charity work.

She adds, "I owe it to Mr Nelson Mandela. When he said I could lend my name to meaningful issues, I realised it was a chance to help others less fortunate.

"He made me think about Aids in Africa, which is still an issue on the back-burner. Kids' welfare is also important to me because I love children."

11/09/2003 13:51