Naomi Campbell has become a big fan of sweeping floors and painting walls after discovering the chores were like therapy for her during a recent community service stint. The supermodel spent five days in March (07) cleaning up at New York's Sanitation Department, after she was found guilty of hurling a mobile phone at an assistant, and admits the punishment wasn't the humiliating hell many thought it would be. In a diary she wrote during her community service, which will be published in the new issue of style magazine W, the British model writes, "Maybe doing this service at the Sanitation was meant to be like a humiliation punishment, but it isn't at all. "I have to tell you, I find solace in sweeping." The menial tasks gave her the chance to face her controlling nature head on. She adds, "I'm moving (sweeping) so fast they tell me to slow down. I'm getting very protective of my pile of rubbish - kind of the way I feel about my Hermes handbag or my Louis Vuitton. "I keep looking around to make sure no one is crossing into the area I was assigned to sweep. I guess that's my all-or-nothing behaviour again: Once I start sweeping, I have to sweep everything."