Naomi Campbell has hit out at fashion label bosses, accusing them of snubbing black and Asian models.
Campbell broke down barriers when she became the first black model to appear on the cover of the French edition of Vogue in 1988, later repeating the feat in the magazine's, UK, Japanese and Chinese issues.
But she insists that 20 years on there are still few opportunities for models who don't have "blonde hair and blue eyes".
And she argues the current climate of economic strife is the perfect opportunity for big labels to try new concepts.
In a message to fans on her blog, the supermodel writes, "Sadly, I don't see enough black women or any other non-white race in big advertising campaigns. As I have said before, companies are not putting girls of colour in their campaigns especially in the panic of the recession.
"During any recession, it is at times like these that the companies should be open-minded and come up with inspiring concepts. I love blonde hair and blue eyes but the world is also made up of other colours that are just as inspiring and exciting and should be incorporated in campaigns."