Supermodel Naomi Campbell quickly became a favourite among coworkers at the New York Sanitation Department, where she cleaned up as part of her recent community service, by treating them to lavish lunches. The generous Brit splashed out on meals for all her colleagues, often opting for food they'd never tried before. Writing in her diaries at the time, Campbell explained she offered to pay for everyone's lunch on her first day and then enjoyed treating co-workers to her favourite snacks from top New York area restaurants and diners. The journals will be made public in the upcoming issue of style magazine W. In one extract, the model writes, "I decide we should order lunch from Mr. Broadway Kosher, this deli I love. None of them have had kosher before, and they love it." And, in another, she states, "Today, it turns out, my favourite Jamaican restaurant, Clippers, called the Sanitation and said they wanted to send lunch over. "It's on Rockaway Boulevard in Queens, and every time I come in at JFK, I stop there. It's so good - the closest thing to my grandmother's cooking. Everybody loves it."