Supermodel Naomi Campbell had jewellery and clothes worth nearly $50,000 (GBP26,000) stolen from her while she celebrated her 35th birthday at the Cannes Film Festival.

A sneaky thief beat security, guarding the yacht she has been staying in, by pretending to be part of her entourage, before raiding Campbell's cabin.

According to reports, Campbell had brought the belongings to the French Riviera to auction them at a charity fundraiser last night (19MAY05) for the NELSON MANDELA FOUNDATION, of which she has been an ambassador since 1997.

But all was not lost - the catwalk queen begged designer pals to donate outfits to replace those stolen.

Her Italian agent DAVID BROWN says, "We rang designers for outfits and her good friends DOLCE + GABBANA came to the rescue."

20/05/2005 13:57