The alleged mobile phone-throwing incident surrounding Naomi Campbell has taken another turn, as lawyers for the maid making the claim have launched a civil case against the supermodel.

After being found guilty on Tuesday to a misdemeanour charge of reckless assault by a US criminal court, Campbell was ordered to complete five days' community service, attend Anger Management classes and pay former housekeeper Anna Scolavino's medical bills of $363 (£184).

However, Ms Scolavino is now suing the British-born model for alleging assault, unspecified damages, battery, libel and slander.

Ms Scolavino claims Campbell threw her mobile phone at her when she could not find her favourite pair of jeans. But while Campbell pleaded guilty to the charge at the criminal court, she insisted she hadn't meant to hit Ms Scolavino with the phone.

But supermodels aren't the only ones caught up in scandals with their staff. One Hollywood maid allegedly stole valuables from several celebrities, including a $100,000 (£50,000) necklace from the wife of Robert De Niro.

And recently, John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono became involved in an argument with her former chauffeur, whom she claims threatened a sexual harassment case unless she handed over $2 million.

18/01/2007 14:45:02