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To be a little more precise, kabbalah is not a religion but only one skill set that falls under the main heading "chakra points" that works together with freemasonry. Also under this heading falls obia, druidism, new age witchcraft, and every other form of occult false temple "worship" that split from the church at the time of Constantine instituting the pagan worship of anything and anybody except what Judeo-Christians acknowledge as the 1st Commandment.

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by wondersnevercease

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"kabbalah" as practiced by madonna et al. is not real kabbalah, a jewish philosophical system which addresses teh creation of the world and how to live in it. there are many authentic kabbalahs, kabbalah of history, of money, of creation. it is JEWISH thinking; some would say that its use and study is limited to jews only.what madonna et al. have globed on to is a cult, run by a family, which has opened 'kabbalah' up to make it available to anyone with enough money. i know because that family's "kabbalah center" in LA managed to attract and seduce my cousin who was dying of cancer. they got her to buy thousands of dollars of books,tapes and things; they changed her name so that the 'evil cancer' would leave her; and after she died, they came to her parents with the deal of the century to honor the pure soul of their daughter: for $100,000 they would name their school after her.

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by pushkina

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