British supermodel Naomi Campbell has been reportedly charged with assaulting an actress friend last year (05). The alleged assault took place in a Rome, Italy hotel in July 2005, with Campbell's friend, YVONNE SCIO claiming she needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises to her face, according to British newspaper The Mail On Sunday. In an interview with Italian magazine Chi, Scio describes what she insists was a horrific attack. She says, "She (Campbell) insulted me and said I was just an Italian starlet. "She pushed me against a wall and tried to scratch my face. Then she punched me two of three times in the face really violently and there was blood everywhere. "I was petrified. I couldn't even cry because I was in such pain. I was stunned. She was like Mike Tyson." The case will be heard next month (DEC06), however Campbell's lawyer, NADIA ALLECI, said, "It's a very small matter." Campbell was arrested last month (OCT06) on suspicion of assaulting her drugs counsellor in London. The British beauty is currently fighting three legal battles with former employees, who all claim the model assaulted them.