Naomi Campbell broke the anti-drug promise she made to honour tragic fashion boss Gianni Versace - because she couldn't cope with the grief following his murder in 1997.
The Versace label head was shot outside his home in Miami, Florida and the tragedy briefly shocked the supermodel into sobriety and she vowed to give up her drug of choice, cocaine.
But the grief from Versace's death and those of other close friends was too much for Campbell to cope with and she turned to hard drugs to fight the misery.
She says, "I felt like I couldn't keep up with the grief, so I just started replacing it with drugs and (it was) awful."
Her drug use grew and grew until she struggled to function at fashion events.
She recalls, "I showed up to do a job and basically collapsed... I could not stand.
"A friend of mine, who has now become a counsellor herself, a great lady, who was from Norway, brought me to her house in Italy... and she put down the number of a doctor and she said, 'Look, I'm not gonna force you, you're a grown woman, you wanna call him the number's there.'"
Campbell admits she called the doctor 10 minutes later and considers that decision one of the best she has ever made.
Appearing on Monday's (03May10) Oprah show in the U.S. she added, "I've been sober from drugs, like, six years and sober from alcohol a year and a half."
The doctor she called suggested a spell in rehab - another good decision: "I got to spend a month just working on myself... and it felt good. It's like maintenance... I am spiritual and religious and I do believe you have to surrender and trust; I like to control everything and you cannot control everything... When I do surrender... things go smooth, calm."