Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been blacklisted by the man who helped launch her catwalk career - because she is "nasty" and "temperamental".

Campbell shot to fame after being discovered by Elite Modeling agents near her London home when she was just 15.

But Elite boss JOHN CASABLANCAS, the father of STROKES rocker JULIAN CASABLANCAS, hasn't worked with her since 1989, and says he will never work with her again.

He tells the New York Daily News, "Naomi has a really nasty side, because of her temperament, her lifestyle and her history. I like her a lot, but I would not work with her again for all the gold on Earth. She was abusive with her booking staff and it was unbearable."

But Campbell's representative says, "Naomi has been very honest about her past and has learned a great deal from it. It's unfortunate that John does not seem to be able to move on. I'm sure Naomi wishes him the best."

22/07/2005 05:25