Supermodel Naomi Campbell was furious when she landed in Australia yesterday (21SEPT06), because she mistakenly thought Qantas airline employees had tipped off the press about her arrival. Campbell had flown from Bangkok, Thailand, to Sydney and let loose on a flight attendant trailing her with her luggage trolley. The volatile supermodel, who has a history of abusing her assistants, told the attendant, "F**k off! I am never flying Qantas again!" The airline confirmed Campbell was on the flight, but were baffled as to why she was so angry. A Qantas spokesman says, "We are not aware of any issue Ms Campbell may have had on her Qantas flight. And we've looked into all angles from departure to in-flight and arrival." According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Campbell was under the mistaken impression that Qantas had tipped the media off, when, in fact, the newspaper's reporters were at the terminal for another story when a passenger on her flight told the media that she was about to emerge from the arrivals gate. Campbell first told the press that she was in Sydney on a "private engagement... a funeral" before screaming, "F**k off! Respect my privacy!" The airport tantrum is the latest in a series of outbursts from the supermodel, who is currently facing the possibility of a seven-year jail term in the US for allegedly throwing a phone at her former maid.