Nancy Kerrigan's family has lashed out at authorities who ruled the death of the athlete's father a homicide, insisting the finding was "premature and inaccurate".
Massachusetts officials announced on Tuesday (09Feb10) Daniel Kerrigan died from cardiac dysrhythmia after suffering a neck injury during an altercation with his son, Mark.
The 70 year old was found unconscious in the kitchen of the family's home on 24 January (10), while his son Mark was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery over the incident.
According to the Kerrigans' attorney Tracy Miner, the figure skater's family was disappointed the Medical Examiner made a public confirmation.
Miner says, "The Kerrigan family is extremely disappointed that the medical examiner would release a cause of death without having all of the relevant facts. We believe this finding to be premature and inaccurate."
Miner insists the Kerrigans aren't holding Mark responsible for Daniel's death, adding, "The Kerrigan family does not blame anyone for the unfortunate death of Dan Kerrigan, who had a pre-existing heart condition."
The investigation continues.