Nancy Grace left viewers stunned when she farted on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

The television star was speaking to host Brooke Burke after dancing on the show, when she audibly passed gas to the gasps of audience.

Although no one commented on noise at the time, Nancy has since claimed neither she nor her partner Tristan MacManus were to blame for the wind.

She said: "As an ear witness on the scene, I can absolutely exonerate Tristan, myself and Brooke. However, the rest of the cast - seated just inches away - all remain under grave suspicion investigation continues."

Despite her claims, Brooke was seen placing her hand on her stomach straight after the incident.

Now, a fetish group has asked ABC - the network which houses 'Dancing with the Stars' - if it can own the rights to the clip.

A representative from the group said: "We wish to acquire this for our members of our web site who are 'Flatulophiliacs' or simply put, 'Fart Fanatics'."