Nancy Grace, the American attorney currently starring on Dancing With The Stars, has attracted the attention of a 'fart fetish group' after she reportedly broke wind live on television. Nancy was being interviewed by host Brooke Burke when she appeared to let out a loud and unpleasant sound, reports
The former legal prosecutor looked sheepish after the incident, and laughter could be heard from the live studio audience. A 'fart fetish group' has now made an offer to ABC to license the rights to the footage. A representative for the group said, "After viewing and hearing Nancy Grace's alleged 'toot' after her performance on Dancing With The Stars we would like to acquire the rights of the three-second footage". The spokesperson added, "We wish to acquire this for our members of our web site who are Flatulophiliacs or simply put, Fart Fanatics". It is not clear whether Abc has responded to the offer, or indeed whether the footage is for sale. It's the latest embarrassing episode for Nancy, who was the victim of a wardrobe malfunction several weeks ago. Although she denied the incident, host Tom Bergeron was seen helping the attorney with her dress while cameras quickly panned away from the dance floor.
Grace is perhaps best known as the host of 'Nancy Grace', nightly celebrity news and current affairs show on HLN.