Celebrity news breaker TMZ recently gave the word that 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman is taking her role in the world of adult entertainment to a new chapter as she looks to take up stripping.

A source close to the website has told that Suleman has booked a gig at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida, for her first stint as a stripper. News has also surfaced that the Octomom will do two shows a night from July 11-15, however will only be baring her top half (T's Lounge is traditionally an all nude lounge) and will not be giving any private lap dances.

Of course this is not nearly her first foray into the adult industry, as she has recently filmed her porno movie in a means to make ends meet. Suleman has said she felt "sexually liberated" since filming her solo porn (due out this summer) and decided that stripping would be a good way to promote the upcoming video.

Since giving birth to her brood of eight - most of whom were born with learning difficulties such as ADHD and autism - Suleman has been forced into bankruptcy. In a bid to look after her children she ventured into pornography and the adult entertainment business as a final attempt to raise money for her children's futures.